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Vlasta van Kampen

Author, Illustrator

Contact Information


jvkampen [at] sympatico [dot] ca

258 Silver Heights Drive
Hastings ON
K0L 1Y0

p. 705 696-3540

Selected Bibliography

Under The Star
(Key Porter, 2009)
The Bears We Know
(Annick Press, 2008)
One Hippo Hops
(Key Porter, 2008)
Hip Hippos
(Key Porter, 2008)
Sad, Mad, Glad Hippos
(Key Porter, 2008)
Hands On Bible
(Group Publishing, 2004)
It Couldn’t be Worse
(Annick Press, 2003)
Marigold’s Wings
(Key Porter, 2003)
A Drop of Gold
(Annick Press, 2002)
What’s the Difference?
(Annick Press, 2000)
Bear Tales
(Annick Press, 2000)
The Last Straw
(Key Porter, 1998)
Monkey Tales
(Annick Press, 1998)
Cookie Critters
(Somerville House, 1997)
Beetle Bedlam
(Key Porter, 1997)
Muddle Cuddle
(Annick Press, 1997)
God Loves You
(Thomas Nelson/Compass Productions, 1996)
(Group Publishing, 1995)

Location: Hastings, ONAvailability: nationalAvailable: Any time

Reading Location:

libraries, schools


K to 3

Audience Size:

25 - 40


$250.00 per reading. Travel expenses added if travel is over 25 km.




I work with several puppets related to my books and they help me with my readings in a humourous way. My illustrations are filled with humour and my critter characters dance across my pages doing all kinds of silly things.

For more details please visit my website at www.vlasta.ca.

Book Sales:

Copies of books can be brought to the readings for students to purchase and have autographed.

Workshop Location:

libraries, schools


1 to 12

Audience Size:

10 - 20


$300.00 per workshop and $500.00 for two workshops (one in the morning and one in the afternoonof the same day). Travel expenses added if travel is over 25 km.




I demonstrate the process of creating a dummy book through to the finished and printed copy. I show sketches, character development and original artwork that is all part of the design process. This workshop's content is all based on the age group and what kind of information they can absorb.

For more details please see my website at www.vlasta.ca or email me at jvkampen@sympatico.ca.

Book Sales:

Copies of books can be brought to the readings for students to purchase and have autographed.


Vlasta graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1966 and started a successful career, combining studio work, workshops in schools and libraries, teaching at the Ontario College of Art and Design and being an at-home-mother.

Vlasta is an award-winning illustrator and has illustrated 35 children’s books. She lives in the beautiful, hilly countryside of Trent Hills, Ontario and works from a studio overlooking a forest, beaver pond and wild farm fields. The combination of all this nature and her boundless imagination gives her paintings a unique voice. Vlasta delights in developing animal characters and situations that will bring on a smile and laughter from the viewer. Her art is storytelling in great detail and is rendered in rich, saturated watercolours.

A large body of Vlasta’s work, “Rockanimals” has been purchased by The National Library of Canada and is now part of their archives and art collection for children.

Currently, Vlasta explores new possibilities for childen’s books.