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Verne Swedberg


Contact Information

ophiucus [at] telus [dot] net

10843 Lytton Rd.
Ladysmith BC
V9G 1Z6

p. 250-245-4574

Selected Bibliography

Max and the Children
Swedberg Publishing, 2003, 2010

Location: Ladysmith, BCAvailability: localAvailable:

Reading Location:

libraries, schools


Reading fee charge is $250.00 for a one-hour reading, GST/HST not charged. Travel expense charges open to negotiation as are fees for multiple presentations.




Eleven-year-old Brody and his eight-year-old sister, Kate embark on three adventures with their dog, Max. They make a discovery on a huckleberry picking trip in one adventure and flee from a bear in another. They search for lost shoes in a third excursion.

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Max and the Children is my first book. It was inspired by my grand daughter who asked me to write a story for her make-a-book school project. This was my first attempt at writing.