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Ted Staunton


Contact Information


tedstaunton [at] sympatico [dot] ca

202 Yeovil Street
Port Hope ON
L1A 1W9

p. (905) 885-0517
b. (905) 885-0517
f. (905) 885-7242

Selected Bibliography

Picture books
Simon’s Surprise
Taking Care of Crumley
Miss Fishley Afloat

Formac First Novels
Morgan Makes Magic
Morgan’s Secret
Morgan and the Money
Great Play, Morgan
Morgan’s Pet Plot
Morgan Makes a Splash
Morgan’s Birthday
Super Move, Morgan
Morgan Makes a Deal
Campfire Morgan

Junior Novels
(Maggie & Cyril)
Maggie and Me
Greenapple Street Blues
Mushmouth and the Marvel
Great Minds Think Alike
Taking the Long Way Home
(Monkey Mountain)
Two False Moves
The Monkey Mountain Monster
Forgive Us our Travises
Second Banana
Trouble with Girls

Young Adult
Hope Springs a Leak
Sounding Off
Acting Up

Location: Port Hope, ONAvailability: nationalAvailable: any time

Reading Location:

libraries, schools


Kindergarten to Grade 12


All fees listed are plus GST. Mileage is charged for venues over 100km away.

  • single presentation, any venue: $250.00
  • Family Literacy/Reading night at a school (usually multiple short presentations): $350.00
  • Schools in Ontario: half-day (2 presentations) $500.00; full-day (3 presentations) $700.00; full-day (4 presentations) $800.00
  • Schools outside Ontario: negotiable
  • Language:



    Readings are based on the theme “Where Stories Come From and How They Become Books”.

    For Primary grade groups I do a couple of my picture books, an imagining activity that allows for movement, a Q&A show and tell time that stresses the writing process with sketches and messy manuscripts, and some music with my guitar or banjo.

    For Junior grades and up I begin with anecdotal material from a variety of sources to demonstrate how ideas and incidents from everyday life become the basis for fiction. Depending on the group I may offer some material for the audience to make suggestions about. This is followed by a reading or readings that show how I used some of the things talked about. The session is concluded with Q&A, show & tell that once again stresses the writing process, and often with some music.

    The pace is generally brisk and the tone humorous

    Special Equipment:


    Book Sales:

    Copies of books can be brought to be sold and autographed.

    Workshop Location:

    libraries, schools


    4 to 12


  • Writing workshop series, 4 classes, quarter day each, total 1 day per week for 5 weeks: $1,750.00
  • Writing workshop series, 8 classes, quarter day each, total 2 days per week for 5 weeks: $2,500.00
  • Language:



    Workshops can be built around many themes and exercises including story planning and story boarding, working from real life, character, voice and point of view, showing not telling, and word play.

    In schools I am frequently asked to present a 5 part series (once a week for 5 weeks) in which each student creates their own picture book. This works best with junior grades and up, though variant sessions are available for primaries. During my weekly visit I am at the school for the full day and can work with up to four different classes.

    Special Equipment:


    Book Sales:

    Copies of books can be brought to be sold and autographed.


    Ted Staunton was born very young and is now older. His first book, Puddleman, a picture book, was about mud. His last book, Sounding Off, a novel with teens in high school was more about girls. In between he’s written all kinds of things, including books about Canadian history. He tries to make them funny.

    Ted and his family live in Port Hope, ON, where he likes to play music, run, read, and spy on everyone so he can find things to put in his books. His favourite food is anything someone else cooks.

    Content of these presentations varies to meet the needs of the group. Often I cover topics such as boys and reading, reading and the family, the writing process, and demonstrations of my approach to student writing workshops.