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Roslyn Schwartz

Author, Illustrator

Contact Information

wolfest [at] cooptel [dot] qc [dot] ca

2051 Rue Wolfe
Montreal QC
H2L 3K1

p. 514-523-6771

Selected Bibliography

Tales from Parc la Fontaine
(Annick Press, 2006)
Complete Adventures of the Mole Sisters
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The Mole Sisters and the Fairy Ring
(Annick Press, 2003)
The Mole Sisters and the Way Home
(Annick Press, 2003)
The Mole Sisters and the Cool Breeze
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The Mole Sisters and the Question
(Annick Press, 2002)
The Mole Sisters and the Moonlit Night
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The Mole Sisters and the Blue Egg
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The Mole Sisters and the Wavy Wheat
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The Mole Sisters and the Piece of Moss
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The Mole Sisters and the Rainy Day
(Annick Press, 1999)
Yo Baby!
(Annick Press, 2002)
Rose and Dorothy
(Kids Can Press, 1990)

Location: Montreal, QCAvailability: nationalAvailable: Any time

Reading Location:

libraries, schools


SK to 2

Audience Size:

10 to 50 (1-2 classes)


$500 plus GST and travel expenses for two 45-minute presentations; question time and booksigning.


English, French


Author/illustrator Rosyln Schwartz of Montreal brings a life long love of children’s literature to her fresh, charming and intriguing books for very young readers and listeners. She shows students from kingergarten to grade two the ten small books in her Mole Sisters series and tells them how they came to be, from the beginning idea made into a story, then pictures, then nine more stories and many more appealing, amusing illustrations.

Using the Mole Sister finger puppets, she first tells a story (or two or three), perhaps “The Mole Sisters and the Moonlit Night” or “The Mole Sisters and the Busy Bee,” all of them gently adventurous, optimistic and funny.

As reviewers have said, “In every adventure, the sisters seek out new bearings based solely on their own curiosity, which leads them to some delightful situations.... After their escapades, they rest ... ending on a very sweet, mellow note sure to leave young ones smiling.”

After being read to, the children together develop a brand new story of their own, with Roslyn doing the storyboard sketches they suggest, on the spot. (An easel or blackboard is necessary.)

Older children are given sheets of paper and shown how to make them into a dummy book, in which they can rough out their own words and pictures.

Roslyn also brings with her a number of rough sketches, preliminary drawings and originals of the final coloured-pencil artwork to show the students how illustrations are created. As well, she shows them some of the many messy notebooks and scraps of paper that an author keeps, writing down any ideas that come, to assemble into a story, poem or picture. The kids are also interested in her Vole Brothers tales set up as comic strips for Chirp magazine--there are many ways, more than ever nowadays, to present a story. Questions are welcomed.

Special Equipment:

an easel and/or blackboard and chalk

Book Sales:

Copies of books can be brought to be sold and autographed depending on numbers and advance notice.


Roslyn Schwartz is the author and illustrator of more than a dozen books for children. In 2003, she was the winner of the Vicky Metcalf Award awarded by the Canadian Authors Association for a body of work. Born in Montreal, she grew up in England and returned to Canada in her 20s. In Britain she attended one of the experimental, artistic Rudolph Steiner schools, so was encouraged to spend much of her classroom time drawing.

Roslyn is best known for the unique and optimistic Mole sister series for very young children, with rights sold in 11 countries and a TV spin-off. Roslyn learned the art of storyboarding that she shares with students by directing two animated films for the National Film Board of Canada.

At heart, she feels the Mole sisters are the two parts of any one of us, planning, preparing, enjoying and even fretting together.