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Diane Swanson


Contact Information


swanson [at] pacificcoast [dot] net

4387 Torrington Place
Victoria BC
V8N 4T3

p. (250) 477-9398

Selected Bibliography

Bugs Up Close (Kids Can Press, 2007)
Canada`s Bugs (Scholastic Canada, 2007)
Cheetah Cubs and Bettle Grubs (Annick Press, 2007)
A Crash of Rhinos, A Party of Jays (Annick Press, 2006)
The Wonder in Water (Annick Press, 2005)
Welcome to the World series (Whitecap Books, 1996-present)
Turn it Loose (Annick Press, 2004)

Location: Victoria, BCAvailability: nationalAvailable: Any time

Reading Location:

libraries, schools


Kindergarten to Grade 8


$250.00 per session for public libraries; $200.00 per session for schools, plus GST. Schools that book three sessions for the same day receive books ($100 value) as part of the visit. For out-of-town visits, expenses to be covered are travel, accommodation and meals.




Diane introduces her genre and briefly explains how she works, then she involves the students in a highly interactive presentation (about an hour in length) that explores some of her books. Students open her "story boxes" that link with the factual stories in the books. They also help her demonstrate these stories about nose-blowing seals, fish that tie themselves in knots, warfare in tunnels and more. She also includes an opportunity for questions. As she has written books for a wide age range of readers, she is happy to present to grades from K to 8 and tailors each presentation to suit the grade level being addressed.

Special Equipment:

Overhead projector.

Book Sales:

Copies of books can be brought to be sold and autographed, if requested.


Born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta, Diane Swanson has always been a “nature nut.” She loved to collect rocks and watch bugs. When she grew up, she went to the University of Alberta, graduating with an honours degree and a gold medal in the social sciences. She taught in the West Indies for two years, then moved to Ottawa where she researched water resources for the Canadian government.

While raising two children, she began writing magazine articles and books for kids, focussing mostly on science and nature topics. She now lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and has had 71 books published -- plus more than 450 magazine articles. You can see and hear her discuss her writing at www.authorviews.com/authors/swanson/video.php