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Mr. Christie’s Book Award


Administered By:

Christie Brown & Co.



Award Status:


Presented up until 2004 when the 2003 awards were announced, the Mr. Christie's Book Award was sponsored by Christie Brown & Co., a division of Nabisco Brands Ltd. (and subsequently Kraft Canada) to reward excellence in the writing and illustrating of Canadian children's books. Initially awards were given in the categories of text and illustration for books written in French and in English, for a total of four awards. In 1993 the categories for text were divided into books for ages 8 and under and books for ages 9 to 14 to increase the number of awards to six. In 1994 the number of age groups was expanded to three (7 years and under; 8-11 years; and 12 years & up). In addition, it was decided that books should be judged on their content of text and illustration combined, i.e. Best Children's Book for each age group in each official language. Six awards of $7,500 each were presented.

Award Recipients

Yearsort iconDetailRecipient
2003English, 7 years & youngerJean Little (Author) and Werner Zimmermann (Illustrator), Pippin the Christmas Pig. Markham: North Winds Press, 2003.
2003English, 8-11 yearsSarah Ellis (Author) and Bruno St-Aubin (Illustrator), The Several Lives of Orphan Jack. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2003.
2003English, 12 years & upMartine Leavitt, Tom Finder. Calgary: Red Deer Press, 2003.
2002English, 7 years & youngerAnne Laurel Carter (Author) and Alan & Lea Daniel (Illustrators), Under a Prairie Sky. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 2002.
2002French, 7 years & youngerMarie-Francine HĂ©bert (Author) and Steve Adams (Illustrator), Mon rayon de soleil. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2002.
2002English, 8-11 yearsAlan Cumyn, The Secret Life of Owen Skye. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2002.
2002French, 8-11 yearsSylvain Trudel (Author) and Suzane Langlois (Illustrator), Pourquoi le monde est comme il est?. Montreal, QC: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 2002.
2002English, 12 years & upJoan Clark, The Word for Home. Toronto: Penguin Books Canada, 2002.
2002French, 12 years & upDenis Côté, L’Empire couleur sang. Montreal: Les Éditions Hurtubise HMH, 2002.
2001English, 7 years & youngerCelia Barker Lottridge (Author) and Joanne Fitzgerald (Illustrator), The Little Rooster and the Diamond Button. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2001.
2001French, 7 years & youngerMarie-Francine Hébert (Author) and Mylène Pratt (Illustrator), Décroche-moi la lune. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2001.
2001English, 8-11 yearsPolly Horvath, Everything on a Waffle. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2001.
2001French, 8-11 yearsHelene Vachon (Author) and Yayo (Illustrator), L’oiseau de passage. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2001.
2001English, 12 years & upArthur Slade, Dust. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 2001
2001French, 12 years & upJacques Lazure, Llddz. Saint-Lambert, QC: Soulières Éditeur, 2001.
2000English, 7 years & youngerStephanie McLellan (Author) and Sean Cassidy (Illustrator), The Chicken Cat. Markham, ON: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2000.
2000French, 7 years & youngerDominique Demers (Author) and Stéphane Poulin (Illustrator), Vieux Thomas et la petite fée. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2000.
2000English, 8-11 yearsJean Little, Willow & Twig. Toronto: Penguin Canada, 2000.
2000French, 8-11 yearsFrancois Gravel (Author) and Pierre Pratt (Illustrator), David et le FantĂ´me. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2000.
2000English, 12 years & upJanet McNaughton, The Secret Under My Skin. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 2000.
2000French, 12 years & upMichèle Marineau, Rouge poison. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique, 2000.
1999English, 7 years & youngerMaxine Trottier & Rajka Kupesic, Claire’s Gift. Markham, ON: North Winds Press, 1999.
1999French, 7 years & youngerMarie-Louise Gay, Stella Ă©toile de la mer. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 1999.
1999English, 8-11 yearsKenneth Oppel, Sunwing. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 1999.
1999French, 8-11 yearsGilles Tibo and Jean Berneche, Les yeux noirs. Saint-Lambert, QC: Soulières Éditeur, 1999.
1999English, 12 years & upMartha Brooks, Being with Henry. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1999.
1999French, 12 years & upStanley Pean, Le temps s’enfuit. Montreal: Les Éditions da la Courte Échelle, 1999.
1998English, 7 years & youngerMarilyn Helmer (Author) and Paul Mombourquette (Illustrator), Fog Cat. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1998.
1998English, 8-11 yearsRichard Scrimger, The Nose From Jupiter. Toronto: Tundra Books, 1998.
1998English, 12 years & upWilliam Bell, Zack. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1998.
1997English, 7 years & underBarbara Nichol (Author) and Phillipe BĂ©ha (Illustrator), Biscuits in the Cupboard. Toronto: Stoddart Kids, 1997.
1997French, 7 years & underLucie Papineau (Author) and Marisol Sarrazin (Illustrator), Pas de taches pour un girafe. Saint-Lambert, QC: Édition Héritage, 1997.
1997English, 8-11 yearsKevin Major (Author) and Imelda George (Wood Carvings) and Ned Pratt (Photography), The House of the Wooden Santas. Red Deer, AB: Red Deer College Press, 1997.
1997French, 8-11 yearsDominique Demers, La Mystérieuse Bibliothecaire. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique, 1997.
1997English, 12 years & upKenneth Oppel, Silverwing. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 1997.
1997French, 12 years & upRobert Soulières, Un cadavre de classe. Saint-Lambert, QC: Soulières Éditeur, 1997.
1996English, 7 years & underDon Gillmor (Author) and Marie-Louise Gay (Illustrator), The Fabulous Song. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing, 1996.
1996French, 7 years & underDanielle Marcotte (Author) and Stéphane Poulin (Illustrator) , Poil de serpent dent d’araignée. Montreal: Danielle Marcotte, Stéphane Poulin et Les éditions Les 400 coups, 1996.
1996English, 8-11 yearsShelley Tanaka (Author) and Laurie McGaw (Illustrator), Discovering the Iceman. Richmond Hill, ON: Scholastic Canada/Madison Press, 1996.
1996French, 8-11 yearsRobert Davidts (Author) and Francis Back (Illustrator), Jean-Baptiste, coureur des bois. Montreal: Les Éditions du Boréal, 1996.
1996English, 12 years & upBrian Doyle, Uncle Ronald. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1996.
1996French, 12 years & upJacques Lazure, Le Rêve couleur d’orange. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique, 1996.
1995English, 7 years & underNan Gregory (Author) and Ron Lightburn (Illustrator), How Smudge Came. Red Deer, AB: Red Deer College Press, 1995.
1995French, 7 years & underPierrette Dubé (Author) and Yayo (Illustrator), Au lit, au lit, princesse Émilie. Saint-Hubert, QC: Éditions du Raton Laveur, 1995.
1995English, 8-11 yearsMordecai Richler (Author) and Norman Eyolfson (Illustrator), Jacob Two-Two’s First Spy Case. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1995.
1995French, 8-11 yearsChristiane Duchesne, La Bergère de chevaux. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique Jeunesse, 1995.
1995English, 12 years & upJoan Clark, The Dream Carvers. Toronto: Viking, 1995.
1995French, 12 years & upJean Lemieux (Author) and Anie Massey (Illustrator), Le Trésor de Brion. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique, 1995.
1994English, 7 years & underW. D. Valgardson (Author) and Ange Zhang (Illustrator), Thor. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1994.
1994French, 7 years & underRémy Simard (Author) and Pierre Pratt (Illustrator), Mon chien est un éléphant. Toronto: Annick Press, 1994.
1994English, 8-11 yearsBarbara Greenwood (Author) and Heather Collins (Illustrator), A Pioneer Story: The Daily Life of a Canadian Family in 1840. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1994.
1994French, 8-11 yearsDenis Côté, Le Parc aux sortilèges. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 1994.
1994English, 12 years & upSarah Ellis, Out of the Blue. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1994.
1994French,12 years & upRaymond Plante, L'Étoile a pleuré rouge. Montreal: Les Éditions du Boréal, 1994.
1993English, 7 years & underBerny Lucas (Author) and Russ Willms (Illustrator), Brewster Rooster. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1993.
1993French, 7 years & underJoceline Sanschagrin (Author) and Hélène Desputeaux (Illustrator), Caillou - La petite soeur & Le petit pot. Pierrefonds, QC: Éditions Chouette, 1993.
1993English, 8-11 yearsSong Nan Zhang, A Little Tiger In The Chinese Night. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1993
1993English, 8-11 yearsLeo Yerxa, Last Leaf First Snowflake To Fall. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1993.
1993French, 8-11 yearsChristiane Duchesne, La 42e soeur de Bébert. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique Jeunesse, 1993.
1993English, 12 years & upDiana Wieler, RanVan The Defender. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1993.
1993French, 12 years & upDominique Demers, Les grands sapins ne meurent pas. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique Jeunesse, 1993.
1992English - IllustrationYvette Moore, A Prairie Alphabet by Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1992.
1992French - IllustrationDominique Jolin, C'est pas juste! Saint Hubert, QC: Éditions du Raton Laveur, 1992.
1992English - Text, 8 years & underSheree Fitch, There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen. Illustrated by Marc Mongeau. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1992.
1992French - Text, 8 years & underGilles Gauthier, Le gros problème du petite Marcus. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 1992.
1992English - Text, 9 – 14 yearsJanet Lunn and Christopher Moore, The Story of Canada. Illustrated by Alan Daniel. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1992.
1992French Text, 9 – 14 yearsDominique Demers, Un hiver de tourmente. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 1992.
1991English - IllustrationBarbara Reid, Zoe series. Toronto: HarperCollins, 1991.
1991English - TextDennis Lee, The Ice Cream Store. Illustrated by David McPhail. Toronto: HarperCollins, 1991.
1991French - IllustrationStéphane Poulin, Un voyage pour deux. Toronto: Annick Press, 1991.
1991French - TextChristiane Duchesne, Bibitsa, ou, l'étrange voyage de Clara Vic. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique Jeunesse, 1991.
1990English - IllustrationKady MacDonald Denton, The Story of Little Quack by Betty Gibson. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1990.
1990English - TextBrian Doyle, Covered Bridge. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1990.
1990French - IllustrationPierre Pratt, Les fantasies de l'oncle Henri by Bénédict Froissart. Toronto: Annick Press, 1990.
1990French - TextFrançois Gravel, Le Zamboni. Montreal: Les Éditions du Boréal, 1990.
1989English - IllustrationIan Wallace, The Name of the Tree by Celia Lottridge. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1989.
1989English - TextKit Pearson, The Sky is Falling. Markham, ON: Viking Kestrel, 1989.
1989French - IllustrationPhilippe Béha, Mais que font les fées avec toutes ces dents? by Michel Luppens. Saint Hubert, QC: Éditions du Raton Laveur, 1989.
1989French - TextGinette Anfousse, Rosalie s'en va-t-en guerre. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 1989.